Ready for Pretirement

“So, this is our Golden Years?”

When my mother fought a ten-year battle with cancer,
I came to personally understand why financial security is so critical.
The above statement is what my mother wispered to my father shortly before she passed away.
After spending 65 years together, my parents’ wonderful relationship transitioned into
ten painful, challenging, anxiety-filled years, because we had not prepared for mom’s financial battle with cancer.

My parents fought an insurmountable battle of paperwork and bills. Imagine my shock when I learned that the co-pay for one 5 day/mo round of chemotherapy treatment cost $90,000 and she had treatments for 1 year

My mother is now with God, but this nightmarish process continues today,
as my 90-year-old father works to pay a mountain of medical bills.

My parents’ situation was a nightmare. But this experience ignited my passion and made
me a woman with a mission: Help get everyone Ready For PREtirement.

I’m Kris Miller. Whether you’re a newlywed, GenXer, Baby Boomer, or retiree, there’s a
good chance one of the following statements are keeping you awake at night:

  • “I’ve put off retirement planning because it seemed so far away. Now it’s too late to start.”
  • “How do I find an honest, experienced, compassionate advisor I can trust?
    Someone who won’t charge me an arm and a leg?”
  • And just like my parents’ situation: “What if a loved one gets hurt?
    What if I get hurt? Howwill we pay the medical bills?”

Backed by a respected 20-year track record in my practice, I encourage of all ages to do what I call PREtirement planning. You’ll enjoy discovering the “secrets” that
lawyers and traditional financial advisors will not tell you.

You’ll get affordable, expert guidance to ensure your money is there
when you need it:

  • I can help you protect your family in case of catastrophe.
  • I’m on a mission to protect your Golden Years.
  • I’ll share with you the strategies for preserving your savings, minimize your taxes,
    providing for and protecting your financial legacy, so your hard-earned money
    goes to the people and causes you choose.

I offer the leadership that will guide you to financial freedom so you can immediately:

  • Stop procrastinating and start planning for your financial future.
  • Discover the rules and laws that will impact you for better or for worse.
  • Select the right tools to create your smartest financial security.

Get expert advice for your retirement plan – with a process that’s fast and affordably priced.

Kris has become known as The Money Maestro, because she helps harmonize
clients’ finances. As a professional speaker and author of
“Ready For PREtirement,” thousands of people have placed their trust in her caring, compassionate advice and professional expertise.

Kris Miller, Estate Planning Expert and Safe Money Strategist
Trusts Unlimited
Call (951) 926-4158 or Email Kris
With affordable, expert guidance, you can prepare for your retirement and PREtirement!

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